Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Field Trip #2: Chelsea Galleries

DUE: 10/09

The galleries in Chelsea represent the art marketplace. Unlike the museums and other non-profit art spaces that we have visited, the majority of these galleries are commercial spaces. This means that their primary function is to make money. They do so by selling artwork. Galleries generally have a list of artists whose work they represent. The galleries regularly change their shows to display work by each of their represented artists. 
For this reaction, you will assume the role of an art collector. Collectors are part-art lovers, part-investors. Their big-money purchases help keep commercial galleries in business, and by proxy, help keep their favorite artists making work. However, the art market is a fickle beast…an artist whose work is fashionable today may be all but forgotten in ten years. This is why the best advice for any collector is to buy what you like. Even if your investment doesn’t make any returns, at least you have something that you like to look at!
For your writing, select exhibitions from two galleries: one artist whose work you would like to collect, and one artist whose work you would not like to collect. For each show, consider these questions: What do you like/dislike about this artist’s work? Why do you think that this artist’s work is/isn’t a good investment? Would you want to display the artwork, or keep it in storage?  Describe two examples of artwork from each exhibition to back-up your decisions. Also, make sure to reference the gallery names as well as the artists’ names in the body of your writing.
Your writing should be at least 350 words and posted to your blog under the heading “Chelsea Galleries Reaction” with the label “Field Trip 5”. At the end of your post, cite your four artworks in the following format:
Artist’ s Full Name
“ Title of Work” (written in quotations)
Year Completed
*At most galleries, this information is available at the reception desk.

There are literally hundreds of galleries to see in Chelsea, so here is a short list of galleries that I recommend. However, you are free to explore and find galleries on your own. A list of galleries and exhibitions in Chelsea can be perused online at:

Gallery: Hauser & Wirth
Location: 511 West 18th St. 
Artist(s) on Display: Matthew Day Jackson
Description: Dark collage-paintings that deal with issues of the body, mortality and the sublime. 
Gallery: David Zwirner Gallery
Location: 519 West 19th St. 
Artist(s) on Display: Raymond Pettibon
Description: Illustrative artist rooted in West Coast punk rock culture.
Gallery: David Zwirner Gallery
Location: 525 West 19th St.
Artist(s) on Display: Philip Lorca diCorcia
Description: Photographer who deals with issues of gender politics and sex trafficking.

Gallery: Anton Kearn Gallery
Location: 532 West 20th St.
Artist(s) on Display: Jonas Wood
Description: Wonky paintings of sports cards and other quirky subjects.

Gallery: Tanya Bonakdar
Location: 521 West 21st St.
Artist(s) on Display: Phil Collins
Description: Interactive installation of campers, and private listening booths with record collection.

Gallery: Paula Cooper Gallery
Location: 534 West 21st St.
Artist(s) on Display: Sol Lewitt
Description: Wall paintings and an architectural sculptor by one of the seminal American Minimalist artists. 

Gallery: Matthew Marks Gallery
Location(s): 522 West 22nd St. 
Artist(s) on Display: Anne Truitt
Description: Colorful but austere minimalist sculpture from the 70's.

Gallery: Kent Fine Art
Location: 210 11th Ave., 2nd Floor (Between 24th & 25th St.)
Artist(s) on Display: Pablo Helguera
Description: Pop-up Spanish language used bookstore created by a Mexican born Conceptual Artist. 
Gallery: Susan Inglett Gallery
Location: 522 West 24th St.
Artist(s) on Display: Allison Miller
Description: Playful, colorful abstract paintings. 

Gallery: Pace Gallery
Location: 534 West 25th St.
Artist(s) on Display: Zhang Huan
Description: Colorfully layered, psychedelic paintings based on Buddhist masks.

Gallery: Greene Naftali Gallery
Location: 508 West 26th St. 
Artist(s) on Display: Group Exhibition, "Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream"
Description: Cross-generational exhibition of West Coast artists. 
Gallery: Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Location: 534 West 26th St. 
Artist(s) on Display: William Pope L. 
Description: Provocative African American artist dealing with issues of race and media culture.  

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