Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Field Trip #4: Lower East Side Galleries

DUE: 11/06

The Lower East Side (LES) is one of the most quickly-expanding gallery districts in New York, stretching from Canal St. to E. Houston, and from Centre St. to Clinton St. Like the galleries we visited in Chelsea, these are commercial spaces. Unlike the established artists in Chelsea, however, the LES galleries tend to feature work by emerging artists. These artists are often younger and more experimental than their Chelsea counterparts. Because the artists' names are less recognizable, their work tends to be more affordable than what is found in Chelsea. All of these factors create a unique energy that sets the LES galleries apart.

For this writing, compare your impressions of the Lower East Side galleries to those in Chelsea. Identify three separate galleries, and consider the following questions: Do they seem to show a different kind of work than the galleries in Chelsea? Do you think that they cater to the same type of collectors? Do the spaces themselves resemble the "White Cube" spaces in Chelsea? Does the surrounding area of the LES affect how you view the work in these galleries? Did the area of Chelsea affect how you viewed the work there?
Your writing should be at least 350 words and posted to your blog under the heading “LES Galleries Reaction” with the label “Field Trip 4”. Make sure to cite the three galleries within the body of your writing.

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